Tuning Modules

In some cases Tuning Modules can be a better solution to Remapping depending on the users needs.

For example, with agricultural vehicles the user may need to adjust the power settings after fitting.

With the tuning module this is possible by using the module programmer to adjust the modules settings whereas with remapping when the remap is loaded to the ecu you are stuck with this remap.

Advantages of Tuning modules over remapping:

  • With the Tuning module your power settings can be adjusted.
  • If a software upgrade is performed on the vehicles ecu you do not lose your power upgrade as the tuning module is an external unit.
  • If you decide to change your vehicle the tuning module can be removed and in many cases the same module can be fitted to your new vehicle.

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Tuning Modules for Agricultural Vehicles


Rapid Tractor is the add-on module developed for agricultural vehicles, specifically designed to support the requirement of increasing torque that is badly needed on many modern tractors that are limited by emissions regulations.

Agricultural vehicles also require a higher quality device that protects against water, mud and dirt that is present in the field which is why Dimsport Rapid tractor modules are produced to the highest quality with silicone filled interiors and specific OEM connectors.

The Rapid Tractor module offers a reliable high spec device that has been designed for the needs of contractors and farmers and rigorously tested both in the field and on a dynotester to ensure the best performance while also well within the tractors tolerances.

Rapid increases the engine efficiency to fulfill the user’s needs: the power and torque improvements of the engine allow for safer more effortless work in tough conditions along with saving fuel while using higher gears.

Thanks to a switch (optional) the driver can choose when to turn the module on, depending on the type of work being carried out.

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Tuning Modules for Passenger Vehicles

With more than 1 hundred thousand modules manufactured since 1995 Rapid Plug and Play modules represent a market leader.

Developed for cars, Rapid Car & Off-road module is the perfect option that matches the modern electronically-managed diesel engines for both performance and fuel economy.

As it does not exceed the mechanical tolerance and the safety limits of the original ECU, the module allows you to optimize power and torque while taking advantage of the full potential of the car.

Torque, in particular, is the key-parameter for a good driving feeling, for safety thanks to the pickup during overtaking and for fuel consumption, so allowing to use the higher driving gears.

Thanks to the calibration console we can adjust the module’s parameters, for instance you can change the starting point from which the module modifies performance and calibrating the modification according to the use and type of vehicle.

The Rapid modules have a wide range of applications, from economy cars to bigger station wagons, from SUVs to off-roads and light commercial vehicles.

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