Sice PROADAS ADAS Calibration Equipment

Sice PROADAS ADAS Calibration Equipment

Product Description

Sice PROADAS ADAS calibration and checking equipment

Vehicle manufacturers and the European Union are investing with the goal of making mobility both sustainable and safer. One of the first steps towards safety and autonomous driving is the implementation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which today are no longer reserved for high-end cars, but are increasingly present in small city vehicles, every day saloons, hatchbacks, sport utility vehicles and light commercials vehicles too.
The data tells us that by 2020 over 40% of vehicles on the road will be equipped with at least 2 types of assistance systems,
New European approval standards indicate that, starting from 2022, automatic emergency braking (AEB) and lane keeping assistance (LKA) will be mandatory for all registered vehicles.
And this type of technology is only going to keep growing in the coming years
The increase of these systems means that diagnostic, checking and calibration equipment for ADAS will become indispensable in the car repair sector.

Below are some examples why you would need to carry out the checking/calibration on these systems:

  • If the vehicle has been in an crash and needs a replacement radars or cameras
  • The windscreen has been replaced and it has a camera mounted on it
  • If a system has lost its calibration
  • When replacing faulty units
  • When any of the ADAS systems are not working correctly
  • If cameras or radar unit had to be removed to gain access to other components
  • If distance measurement to the car ahead is incorrect

This is why many workshops are now increasingly seeing the demand for diagnosing, checking and calibrating these types of systems.
Ryan’s Automotive can now offer the equipment, support and training necessary for workshops to be able to offer this service to its customers.

PROADAS is a universal modular system developed for checking and calibration of driver assistance systems, check of the alignment status and complete wheel alignment service (optional) on multi-brand vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Easiness of use, accuracy and maximum ergonomics are some factors which PROADAS differs.
The versatility of this equipment fulfils the needs of many customers like workshops equipped with/without wheel aligners, mechanic
workshops, body shops, windshield repairers.

The main benefits of this system are:

  • Compatibility with passenger car and light commercial vehicles
  • Compatibility with vehicle on lifts or other levelled test bay; the software take in consideration the offset where the vehicle
    is positioned.
  • Compatibility with Nexion group CCD wheel aligners; after the vehicle wheel alignment procedure is possible to perform the
    ADAS calibration procedure and align the equipment by the CCD wheel aligner sensors.
  • Ergonomic working position, “all within reach”; thanks to its design the user doesn’t need to move around for alignment of
    the system with the vehicle.
  • Need only 1 user for its use.
  • Conforms to vehicle manufacturer procedures.
  • Accurate alignment-positioning of the equipment by CCD sensors.
  • Complete print report including:
    Workshop and Driver info
    Status vehicle in input
    PROADAS positioning data
    ADAS calibration result
    Camber and Toe value,
    with AllInOne software
    Status vehicle in output
  • Fast alignment and positioning of the system thanks to Real Time information from the many sensors integrated; PATENT PENDING
  • AllInOne Software: precheck wheel alignment software integrated in the ADAS diagnosis software to control camber and toe value according the vehicle manufactures requirements, condition necessary before any ADAS sensors calibration. ; PATENT PENDING.

The Sice PROADAS system



Thinking about purchasing ADAS calibration equipment, new kit coming soon from Sice and Tecnomotor and will be available in Ireland from Ryan’s Automotive



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