Diagnostic Bundle 2

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Diagnostic Bundle 2
There are certain conditions and terms for purchasing the GMTO connect, please contact us before purchasing 

Tecnomotor TIS web tech online technical information system

Tecnomotor TIS web tech online technical information system

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Product Description

Diagnostic Bundle 2

No diagnostic tool has complete coverage and every brand of diagnostic tool has strong and weak points,
This is why we never recommend a workshop putting all their eggs in one basket and buying one expensiveness diagnostic tool,
With this package you have 2 very good diagnostic tools and they complement each other and will have excellent all round coverage,
And then if there is some functions either of these  cant do then you have the GMTO connect where we can do many different diagnostics jobs remotely for you,

This bundle puts 3 of our best value diagnostic tools together, and the 3 of these will make a great combination for any workshop dealing with cars and light commercial vehicles,
This package also includes a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, 32 GB, 4G/LTE 2019 Version which the GMTO connect and the Autoland Scientech e-iSCAN works on,
The Tecnomotor Socio X3 is windows based, so you can install it on your existing windows lap top, PC or windows tablet,

Also you can add a technical information package to the above from €304 to €576 + vat  Click here for more info
Note the above technical information system is a online system and requires a valid subscription
The above prices are a special offer for the 1st year and the yearly price after the 1st year returns to the normal price

Tecnomotor Socio x3, Comes with 2 years updates  (Use with workshops existing lap top)(We can also supply laptop if necessary)
Below is a very brief description  Click here to see more details about the Tecnomotor Socio X3
Tecnomotor have been at the forefront of the multi brand diagnostic tool market since 1985 and as well as making after market equipment they also supply some of the OEM’s such as Fiat, Ducati, Iveco, Magneti Marelli, Continental, Corghi, Denso, Husqvarna motorcycles, this can only prove their strength.
The Tecnomotor diagnostic tool range has one of the best all round vehicle coverage available on the market with constant development and updates every month.
The Socio X3 is the latest PC based diagnostic tool from Tecnomotor. It comes with the same vehicle coverage as the 410, X5 and X6.
Click here to see a comparison table
It comes in a very rugged rubber shockproof case. Power supply 8 to 40 v.
The software has over 50 different car, LCV and SUV brands listed.
And now also has the option for a in built technical information system called TIS Web Click here for more info (note TIS Web is optional and is a online technical information system that requires a valid subscription)

AUTOLAND e-iSCAN, Comes with one years updates (Use with tablet supplied with this package)
Below is a very brief description Click here to see more details about the Autoland scientech e-iSCAN
AUTOLAND e-iSCAN is a full system diagnostic scanner based on Android operating system. With the e-iSCAN you are allowed to diagnostic a huge range of cars and light commercial vehicles through your android phone or tablet.
Requires Android 6.0 and 32GB or more storage
The e-iSCAN interface connects to the vehicle and then you download the e-iSCAN offline APP from Autoland Scientech website to a android phone or tablet and then the tablet or phone connects to the interface via Bluetooth,
Note this system only requires internet connection when installing and updating the software and does not require internet connection when doing diagnostics.

GMTO Connect Remote Diagnostics, Comes with one year subscription (Use with tablet supplied with this package)
Note this is a paid per job service,
Below is a very brief description Click here to see more details about the GMTO connect
Programming, coding & automotive diagnostics remotely via unique interface
GMTO and Ryans Automotive is offering the Irish automotive aftermarket a unique diagnostic solution, providing workshops and motor vehicle repairers with the certainty they need when it comes to the diagnostics, programming and coding of vehicle electrics. We also have the ability to help workshops to diagnose complex faults. The GMTO connect interface is used to establish a remote connection to the vehicle, which means that the vehicle itself stays right in the workshop.
How it works: Via the GMTO Connect interface and a android device a remote connection is made with the car, which does not have to leave your workshop. The communication between the car and the remote GMTO Connect specialist is done entirely via the internet network. The GMTO Connect is connected to the OBD plug on one side, the other side is connected to an (Android) tablet or smartphone. As soon as the connection with the car is recognised, the GMTO Connect app automatically opens and the Ryan’s Automotive diagnostic specialist can then connect to the car remotely with there huge array of diagnostic equipment.
Just think of it like its a very long diagnostic cable that allows us to connect to a vehicle anywhere in Ireland with our diagnostic equipment
There are certain conditions and terms for purchasing the GMTO connect, please contact us before purchasing 

Let us know if you need more information or require a demo or would like to talk about a different combination of equipment in the package

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm

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      Click here for a interactive demonstration
      Interactive demonstration vehicles
      1. BMW E38 DME ME7.2
      2. MB 204 Transmission 722.9
      3. TOYOTA 2004 Hiace Diesel 2KD-FTV
      4. VW Touareg 2003 Engine Electronics

      Autoland Scientech e-iSCAN diagnostic system overview

      We at Ryan’s automotive pride ourselves on the support we give with the products we sell,
      As we believe that selling the product to the customer is only the 1st step and that ongoing support is very important so the customer can get good value from his equipment,
      We are also in a great position to support these products as we use them every day in our own workshop,
      Support and after sales service can sometimes be a very loosely used terms and it is not always clear what the supplier is committing to, this is why we want to explain as clearly as possible what both parties are committing to.
      All of the below is based on units sold in Ireland (32 counties) and for outside Ireland it is not possible to provide all of the below support and after sales in the same forms, for example loaner units calling on site etc, so please enquire for more information if you are based outside of Ireland.

      The Autoland e-iSCAN comes with 2 years warranty
      The Tecnomotor Socio X3 comes with 1 years warranty
      The GMTO connect comes with 1 years warranty
      And all warranty repairs if required will be either carried out on site or the unit picked up and taken back to Ryan’s Automotive for repairs and a loaner unit will be left with the user until the unit is delivered back. In the cases where we would get a courier to pick up the unit we would ask the workshop to pack up the unit carefully to avoid damage in transport,
      We aim to keep the customer up and running and will either have the issue fixed or a loaner unit delivered to the customer within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).

      Items excluded from the 2 year warranty are
      Main cable and OBD connections,
      Problems caused by the users own Android device or lap top/PC
      Damage to the machine caused by incorrect power supply, Excessive dampness, or any other damage caused by fluid ingress, accidental damages, incorrect use damages or unauthorized modifications.

      Delivery and Training
      Ryan’s Automotive or a courier will deliver the unit to your workshop and we will assist in setting it up on your phone or tablet and lap top/pc in person or remotely via phone and team viewer,
      And spend 2 hours onsite (or if not possible to call onsite can provide training over team viewer and phone) providing training on use of the machine.
      And there is also training videos and guides on the support area on our website
      We also can provide extra chargeable training if required.

      Ryan’s Automotive can provide tool and software technical support by phone, WhatsApp, our customer support portal, email or by logging into your unit via team viewer when needed (subject to fair use).
      We also have a support section on our website which has videos and information on how to use and update the unit and also has some common vehicle diagnostic procedures and known problems, users can also send us tickets via this support area.
      Additional support packages are required for vehicle technical support.

      Not included in the support
      Technical information that is found on systems like Autodata, TIS web. Alldata etc,
      The above support does not include vehicle technical support but we are always willing to help customers were we can.

      Repairs not covered by the warranty and after the warranty period
      For repairs not covered by warranty or after the warranty we can assist in few different ways all at very reasonable rates,
      1 Log into the unit via team viewer
      2 Call on site and perform the necessary work and if needed take the unit back to Ryan’s Automotive for completion
      3 Owner can deliverer the machine to Ryan’s Automotive to be repaired (this will save on call out or transportation fees)
      4 Arrange to get the unit picked up and taken back to Ryan’s Automotive
      5 Send out the necessary parts to the owner and advise over the phone how to perform the necessary operation
      6 Provide a hire unit for the period that the unit is out of action (note this is chargeable for non warranty repairs and subject to availability)

      Spare parts and optional connectors
      We keep a stock of the following parts if required
      Main cable
      16 pin OBD connector
      Pre 16 pin connectors