Vales 2.0 EPS Tool

VALES 2.0 EPS Tool

Product Description

VALES 2.0 EPS Tool

VALES is a tool for testing/simulating, diagnosing and calibrating EPS electronic power steering columns, racks and pumps.
It is a hardware interface that you connect between the EPS steering unit and a laptop and then with the Vales TDS software you can do the following (depending on the type of unit and the software you have purchased)

  • Identification
  • Sensor centering
  • Calibrating
  • Diagnostics (connected directly on to the unit not via OBD)
  • Simulation

It has been designed to simplify the work of repairing electric power steering systems for the following brands, Delphi and Koyo, and also for Trw, Mitsubishi, etc.
Works with many different models of EPS steering units and EHPS pumps

With the powerful management software, the torque sensor centering and calibration operation takes place in a few moments.

It is mainly designed for working with the units on the bench but you can also do some functions with it on the vehicle (when connected directly on to the unit not via OBD)

Vales/TDS is a Hardware/software platform that can be upgraded depending on the brands and systems you require,

The vales standard package comes with the following:

  • Vales interface and USB cable, part number = VLS20010STD
  • Main cable, part number = VLS2001DB15
  • 10-pin adapter cable for various Delphi and TRW, part number = VLS2001AD01
  • DLP TRW power supply cable, part number = VLS2001PW01
  • Carry case
  • Base software for identification, torque sensor position and centring for the following models

    Contact us for a full break down of the above

Optional Extra Software’s:


Optional Extra Cables:

Other Optional Extras:

Application List:

Application List is changing regularly with new vehicles and systems been added so contact us for the latest application list

Contact us for prices and other information


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We at Ryan’s automotive pride ourselves on the support we give with the products we sell,
As we believe that selling the product to the customer is only the 1st step and that ongoing support is very important so the customer can get good value from his equipment,
We are also in a great position to support these products as we use them every day in our own workshop,
Support and after sales service can sometimes be a very loosely used terms and it is not always clear what the supplier is committing to, this is why we want to explain as clearly as possible what both parties are committing to.

This tool comes with 1 year warranty,
And all warranty repairs if required will require the unit to be sent back to the manufacture in Italy, the shipping to Italy charges will be covered by Ryan’s Automotive, And it will be the customers responsibility to send the unit to Ryan’s automotive,

Items excluded from the 1 year warranty are
Connecting cables
Problems caused by the users own laptop/PC
Damage to the machine caused by incorrect power supply, Excessive dampness, or any other damage caused by fluid ingress, accidental damages, incorrect use damages or unauthorised modifications.

Delivery and Training
Ryan’s Automotive or a courier will deliver the unit to your workshop and Ryan’s Automotive or the manufacture will install and set up the software on your laptop/PC in person or via Team viewer, (the laptop or PC the customer wants to use must have the required specs and space and be in good working order)
And we will also provide 1 hour training on using the software in person or via team viewer and phone,
Extra chargeable training available if required.

Ryan’s Automotive and or the Manufacture can provide tool and software technical support by phone, WhatsApp, Skype, email or by logging into your unit via team viewer when needed (subject to fair use and subject to having the software on the latest version).
There is also a built in support ticketing system in the software,
A additional yearly chargeable support package is required for assistance in repairing/programming EPS units.

Not included in the support
Problems with the users own lap top or PC which affects how the software works examples virus, lap top gone very slow or crashing etc, lap top software issues,

Repairs not covered by the warranty and after the warranty period
For repairs not covered by warranty or after the warranty we or the manufacture can assist in few different ways all at very reasonable rates,
1 Log into the unit via team viewer
2 Call on site and perform the necessary work and if needed take the unit back to Ryan’s Automotive or send to the manufacture in Italy for completion
3 Owner can deliverer the machine to Ryan’s Automotive to be repaired (this will save on call out or transportation fees)
4 Arrange to get the unit picked up and taken back to Ryan’s Automotive or the manufacture
5 Send out the necessary parts to the owner and advise over the phone how to perform the necessary operation