SGW KEY – Security Gateway FIAT FCA Group

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SGW KEY – Security Gateway FIAT FCA Group

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Product Description

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Solution compliant with FCA requirements to carry out diagnosis on all new generation FCA vehicles.

Software to access the FCA Security Gateway, the software guides the user for SGW FCA unlock.

What is the SGW on newer FCA models:
The SGW was implemented in some FCA group models from 2017 onward. The SGW in short is a module whose function is simply to keep the communication networks secure. The SGW protects the vehicle networks from being exploited by creating a firewall between two portions of the network with the most vulnerability.

How does this affect the aftermarket workshops:
Up until recently the only tool that could do any diagnostic functions on a FCA vehicle with a security gateway was the FCA official factory tool via a SGW authentication process on FCA servers
So this meant after market tools could only read very basic information from the vehicle and could not even do simple diagnostic procedures like a service reset
Some diagnostic tool manufactures came up with a solution where the technician had to get access to SGW module and fit a bypass module and this allowed them to perform diagnostics functions on the vehicle
But this meant dismantling the vehicle to get access to the module (and the module can be fitted in different places on different models)
And this bypass type set up is not approved by FCA

The solution:
Tecnomotor developed this SGW key interface and software to unlock the gateway to allow you to connect your diagnostic tool to the other side of the interface and then perform your diagnostic work
This method is done via FCA groups website and requires the workshop to to be registered on there portal and purchase a token
Once you have the token purchased you then connect the SGW communication interface to the vehicle and to your PC (which you will have to have Tecnomotors SGW software installed on it) and via Tecnomotors software you enter your FCA portal log in details and then the Tecnomotor software will connect with the FCA portal and unlock the gateway
Now you can perform your diagnostic with any diagnostic tool that has the capability



  • SGW Key communication interface.
  • Y cable for connection of diagnosis tester and OBD socket to SGW Key.
  • USB cable for SGW Key communication with PC
  • Software for communication with SGW FCA


  • The token fee is payable to FCA and is currently 1 euro with the chances to be increased but this is exclusive management of FCA.
  • compatible with Windows 10


  • Blue tooth module for SGW key communication with PC

Product Specifications

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Dimensions 35 × 30 × 15 cm


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