Renault 2.0 DCI Injector Removal Tool M9R

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Renault Bosch M9R & M9T piezo injector removal tools

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Product Description

Renault 2.0 DCI Injector Removal tool for M9R engine vehicles with Bosch Piezo injectors.
Also included in the set are parts allowing you to remove the nozzle holder from the cylinder head if it breaks off when removing the injector.

Extraction Type : Hydraulic
Makes : Renault, Nissan, Opel
Engine Sizes : 2.0, 2.3DCi
Engine Codes : M9R, M9T

2.0 dci injector removal tool Includes:

  • Piston
  • Frame with 4 legs
  • Special sockets x 2 for twisting out injector when the top has broken off
  • Blanking plug and insertion for for hole in head to stop dirt and metal going into cylinder
  • Adapter for top of injector and threaded connecting shaft
  • Special double grip adapter and threaded shaft for connecting to injector
  • M16 X 1.5 long tap
  • M16 X 1.5 Short spiral flute tap with tap extension
  • M17 X 0.75 long tap
  • Tap extension
  • M16 X 1.5 threaded shaft and special nut
  • M17 X 0.75 threaded shaft and special nut
  • Long T 40 torx for removing nozzle
  • Instruction manual

This engine is one of the most difficult engines to remove the injectors from but with this set you will have a huge success rate because of the different parts in the set to cover most different scenarios

Here are the different scenarios that this set will work on
Injector is not faulty and not very badly stuck you can pull from the threads on the fuel inlet.
Injector is faulty or badly stuck use double grip system.
Injector pulls out but leaves nozzle and holder behind.
Threads on fuel inlet are damage or broken then you can twist out body and then pull out nozzle holder.

Here are the different scenarios that this set on its own will not work and some extras tools are needed
Injector pulls out but leaves half the injector body behind (then you will need optional kit part number 60385190)
Injector breaks off flush with the top of the head (then you will need good drill bits and die grinder to drill down to where the snap ring is on the injector and then use set part number 60385190)

For newer models from about 2010 on wards they use a Bosch coil type injector and for this engine you will need a optional kit part number ADS0001075

Product Specifications

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 40 × 24 × 20 cm


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