Dim Sport New Genius Touch And Map

New Genius Touch And Map

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Product Description

New Genius Touch And Map
Due to demand we can now only supply this tool with our file service in the following cases

  • To workshops that have a up to date diagnostic tool from Ryan’s Automotive 
  • To workshops that are part of the Ryan’s Automotive workshop assist club 

But we can supply master units where a user is going to do his own files or use a different file supplier

New Genius is the stand alone device for the serial communication with the Engine Control Unit (ECU), through the vehicle OBDII socket or via specific diagnostic connectors. It does not require connections to a personal computers or laptop for the management of the serial communication: (but does need to be connected to lap top for file management)

it has never been so simple and immediate to achieve programming operations of the vehicle stock ECU.

Intuitive operations to maximise the ease of use:New Genius is a true asset for every tuner thanks to the impossibility to perform wrong operations. Detailed instructions appear on the screen and drive the tuner until the vehicle is programmed.

Highest safety standards for the most extensive reliability during working process: before programming the vehicle, New Genius verifies the size of the file and the checksum integrity/congruence. In addition, should the programming procedure be interrupted (example: connector unplugged), the device would recover the communication and automatically complete it. Several additional features integrate the conventional operations, like the possibility to reset faulty codes tied to the ECU programming, the reading and automatic writing of the injector settings, counters reset, etc.

In order to meet and fulfil the assorted inquiries presented by professionals, New Genius has been conceived as a flexible device, configured to support from a single, specific application to the most complete range of vehicles provided with engine control units.
Dimsport provides its console with a standard OBDII socket; should this not be available an additional range of dedicated connectors would permit tuning operations via diagnostic socket.

Don’t miss any update! New developments are constantly released to extend the range of vehicles supported: an improvement achieved thanks to the commitment of several groups of technicians and partnerships.
Subscriptions and upgrades to enhance its technical features are performed through quick online updates.
Not just a black box connecting the vehicle OBDII socket to a computer, but an independent device for serial reading and programming, practical and versatile. Why settling for a black box when you can have New Genius instead?                                                                                                                                                       .
  • Read and write engine ECU maps for performance tuning
  • Read the information from the engine ECU like part numbers and software update numbers which is very us-full to see if a ECU is on the latest version of software
  • Load original software back into a engine ECU, required if you suspect the software is corrupt or has had a bad modifications made to the ECU before
  • Market leading Italian made product
  • Touch Screen
  • 12 and 24 volt
  • Coverage for  european, asian and north american vehicles
  • Regular updates
  • Full tech support service
  • Files done in house at Ryans Automotive (1 to 2 hour turnaround)


  • Main unit
  • 12 months updates included
  • OBD cable
  • USB cable
  • Mains power supply
  • 12 volt battery power supply
  • Quick start guide
  • CD with Flash Point software required for the sending and receiving files

Basic Terms:

  • User must be a registered workshop
  • User must have experience in automotive electronics and diagnostics
  • User must have a battery support unit (not just a battery charger)
  • User must have diagnostic tools capable of performing all the necessary diagnostic functions needed
  • User must be able to find all the vehicle details like ECU type, engine code, engine power and other information (some times its hard to find all these details so may need to have access to a VRM look up system)

See full details of terms and file service details here: New Genius purchase agreement

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      We at Ryan’s automotive pride ourselves on the support we give with the products we sell,
      As we believe that selling the product to the customer is only the 1st step and that ongoing support is very important so the customer can get good value from his equipment,
      We are also in a great position to support these products as we use them every day in our own workshop,
      Support and after sales service can sometimes be a very loosely used terms and it is not always clear what the supplier is committing to, this is why we want to explain as clearly as possible what both parties are committing to.
      All of the below is based on units sold in Ireland (32 counties) and for outside Ireland it is not possible to provide all of the below support and after sales in the same forms, for example loaner units calling on site etc, so please enquire for more information if you are based outside of Ireland.

      The Dimsport new Genius comes with 2 years warranty
      And all warranty repairs if required will be either carried out on site or the unit picked up and taken back to Ryan’s Automotive for repairs, In the cases where we would get a courier to pick up the unit we would ask the workshop to pack up the unit carefully to avoid damage in transport,

      Items excluded from the 2 year warranty are
      Main cable and OBD connections,
      Problems caused by the users own laptop/PC,
      Damage to the machine caused by incorrect power supply, Excessive dampness, or any other damage caused by fluid ingress, accidental damages, incorrect use damages or unauthorized modifications.

      Delivery and Training
      Ryan’s Automotive or a courier will deliver the unit to your workshop and we will install and set up the flash point software on your laptop/PC in person or via Team viewer and test the New Genius and flash point system and ensure it is ready to work, (the laptop or PC the customer wants to use must have the required specs and space and be in good working order)
      And spend 4 hours onsite (or if not possible to call onsite can provide training over team viewer and phone) providing training on use of the machine.
      We also can provide extra chargeable training if required.

      Ryan’s Automotive can provide tool and software technical support by phone, WhatsApp, our customer support portal, email or by logging into your unit via team viewer when needed (subject to fair use and subject to having the software on the latest version).

      Not included in the support
      Technical information that is found on systems like Autodata, Alldata etc,
      Identifying the vehicle correctly (user needs to have access to a registration look up system like Cartell.ie)
      Problems caused by the users own laptop/PC,
      The above support does not include vehicle technical support with unrelated file service issues but we are always willing to help customers were we can.

      Repairs not covered by the warranty and after the warranty period
      For repairs not covered by warranty or after the warranty we can assist in few different ways all at very reasonable rates,
      1 Log into the unit via team viewer
      2 Call on site and perform the necessary work and if needed take the unit back to Ryan’s Automotive for completion
      3 Owner can deliverer the machine to Ryan’s Automotive to be repaired (this will save on call out or transportation fees)
      4 Arrange to get the unit picked up and taken back to Ryan’s Automotive
      5 Send out the necessary parts to the owner and advise over the phone how to perform the necessary operation

      Free Delivery In Ireland

      If you are a customer located in Ireland, spend €150 ex.VAT or more and get free delivery, or for orders under €150 ex.VAT delivery costs €8.10 ex.VAT Read Our Delivery Information

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