Clas Borescope/Videoscope 5.5MM

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Clas borescope/videoscope 5.5mm

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Product Description

Clas borescope/videoscope 5.5mm

This video recorder is a visual diagnosis tool that allows you check the condition of the engine’s internal moving parts without dismantling it.
Example: If compression probe results identify out-of-tolerance readings, the video recorder allows you to view the inside of a cylinder to determine the cause of a fault (deteriorated valve, cylinder or piston…).
This tool is ideal for viewing inaccessible places such as plug wells, the insides of door panels, part identification numbers…
The camera head has an LED light source.Also, the image inverter, zoom and luminosity adjuster allow you to capture high quality photos and videos.
Also has side view camera so for example if you put into cylinder bore trough injector hole you can see top of piston and then press the button and you can then view cylinder bore with the side view camera.
The photo and video “Save” function lets you create files that can be used for appraisals, litigation, etc.
You can also use those files to explain to customers and help them understand the diagnostics and repairs done.


  • TFT colors display 65mm
  • image resolution: 640x480px
  • cameras: front + side switchable
  • focus: 30 to 80mm
  • 60° viewing angle
  • up to 6.68x zoom
  • 6 LED light source with 6 intensity control (0-800Lux)
  • vertical symmetry function (inversion d´image)
  • 8Gb SD memory card (compatible up to 32Gb)
  • USB 2.0 ports for easy transfer to your PC
  • semi-rigid metal probe IP67
  • power supply: 4 AA batteries
  • autonomy 3-4h
  • Ø probe: 5.5mm
  • metal connection: secure connection lock
  • SD card slot and USB connection


  • Batteries
  • SD card
  • Video cable
  • USB cable
  • User manual

Product Specifications

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 22 × 9 cm


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