GMTO Common Rail Return Flow Tester

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GMTO common rail return flow tester

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Product Description

GMTO common rail return flow tester

Common rail return flow tester for use with ATS5004D and ATS605004D/HS6DIFF oscilloscope

Allows you to test common rail return flow while driving / under load and displays the readings through the software.
The has a huge advantage over testing with leak back bottles as with the bottles test on the floor you are not getting near max pressure and therefore wont be getting a true reading
And also for vehicles with piezo injectors this set allows you to check the return flow while still having the vehicles return pressure regulator still in place

The RFS 400  is connected via hoses to the return connection of the injectors. The RFS 400  is linked to the GMTO automotive scope, so that the return flow can be digitized. This allows the injectors in the car to be tested in the workshop and on the road and without dismantling. The digital image can be saved or printed to serve as proof for the repair advice.

By means of the pre-set measurements in the ATIS software program, the values ​​are indicated exactly in flow ml/min in the scope screen.

Operation RFS 400 PRO:

By using highly sensitive sensors, placed in a sturdy housing, the RFS 400 is able to accurately measure very small return flow from the common rail injectors. The measured values can be seen on the scope screen image by means of a graphic line and in numerical format. With the RFS 400 and a GMTO 4-channel (automotive) scope, four return flows can be made transparent and compared. The measurement can be performed twice for several cylinders.


  • Effective measuring range 1 ml / min – 160 ml / min
  • Work stress 9 to 30 volts
  • The RFS 400 PRO has clamps to attach to the battery for power supply

Includes :

  • Main unit
  • The most popular different connections for Bosch, Delphi, Siemens and Denso injectors

See optional Bosch piezo adapters Click here

See pro set for which is a master set will have all available connections and adaptors Click here

Product Specifications

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 10 cm


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