GYS Flash 120 Battery Support Unit 5 Meter Cables

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GYS Flash 120 battery support unit and charger with 5 Meter Cables

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Product Description

GYS Flash 120 Battery Support Unit,
120 amp Battery Support Unit and charger

The GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV is a 120 A high power CONNECTED charger with inverter technology.
It allows to keep a 12 V lead, AGM or lithium battery at a perfectly stabilised voltage during the diagnostic phases. It will deliver the best charging cycle recommended for the maintenance of the most advanced vehicles on the market. Its USB connectivity makes it 100% customizable.

GYSFLASH 121-12 CNT FV has been tested in all the conditions of our work – from standard diagnostic testing, re flashing/programming.
We are very happy with the way it performs in all conditions.
So we would like to offer it to our customers because we are sure that it will eliminate the common issues faced with other battery support units.
As many car manufactures like BMW, Landrover, Jaguar and Mercedes to name a few require a battery support unit that can provide up to 120 amps when preforming re flashing/programming

GYS flash 100-12 HF is a 120A high power stabilised supply incorporating Inverter technology

  • Battery support: sustains 12V (liquid or gel) automotive battery during diagnostic work
  • Advanced battery charger ensures an ideal charging cycle for battery maintenance for the most modern vehicle
  • Showroom mode: maintains batteries in showroom vehicles
  • In «battery change» mode, will maintain electrical supply to preserve vehicle memory settings
  • High power stabilized supply: voltage & current adjustable
  • Approved buy many OEM manufactures

5 Modes:

  • Charge
  • Diagnostic/programming
  • Showroom
  • Change battery
  • Power supply

Advanced Features:

  • Automatic restart
  • Cable test and calibration
  • Showroom mode lock
  • “Easy charge” mode
  • Activate and adjust an “expert” charging curve
  • Automatic SOS recovery for sulphated battery
  • No external vents so no dust ingress
  • 8 Languages available
  • Slim size (< 11 cm): to enable placement under vehicle
  • Automatic restart: will automatically resume the mode from last position in case of power failure
  • Showroom mode lock: to avoid mishandling ideal for garages and showrooms


  • Add, delete or modify charging modes and profiles via USB.
  • Import predefined configuration files adapted to the load trades.
  • Retrieve the charging history and data on a USB stick and use them on a spreadsheet.
  • Connect additional modules (printer, barcode reader, etc.) via its dedicated module socket (SMC: Smart Module Connector).

Product Specifications

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 42 × 38 × 25 cm


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