EX Demo Top Spec SICE 3D 2 Camera Wheel Alignment System

11,200.00 6,950.00 ex. VAT

Ex Demo Top Spec Sice 3D 2 Camera Wheel Alignment System Including wheel trolley, motorised beam and drive on assist.

Product Description

Ex Demo Top Spec Sice 3D 2 Camera Wheel Alignment System, with all the extras listed below the new list price for this system is €11200 + vat and we are doing this demo unit for €6950 + vat
It is in as new condition and only used a very small number of times and comes with 1 year warranty and set up and training included

Includes the following:

  • Measuring beam
  • Column
  • PC, printer, keyboard and mouse
  • 4 target and 4 clamps 10”-21”
  • 4 adaptor kit for up to 26”
  • brake pedal depressor and steering lock
  • pair of turntables push mode ROC adaptors
  • Installation and Training included.

And also includes these optional extras

  • Wheel trolley for moving wheel aligner around the workshop, allowing it to be usesd in different areas of the workshop (not show in the above image)
  • Motorised beam Camera movement kit allows the operator to work from pit level to over 2.00 meters by pressing a key on the key board
  • 27 Inch Monitor
  • Lift drive-on assistant by remote camera for easy vehicle

About Sice:
Sice is a brand founded in 1964 and based in Correggio, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Sice manufactures tyre changers and wheel balancers for cars and trucks, along with wheel alignment systems and vehicle lifts, and its wide range of products meets the tyre servicing and workshop needs.
The patents for machines and accessories are numerous and guarantee the quality and uniqueness of Sice solutions.
Some Sice products have been approved and certified by prestigious car and tyre producers and certified bodys.
Over 85% of Sice sales are accounted for by exports to around 90 countries worldwide

Sice is a Nexion group company with more than 60 years of history, today the Nexion Group is a world leader in the automotive sector. Experience and continuous research into innovation now coexist in a single group, which brings together the sector’s top brands in a solid and increasingly international company.

Nexion group companies:

Nexion group

The A92 aligner is the same high quality product as would be supplied by other Nexion group company’s

New A92 3D wheel aligner with 2-camera reading system:


  • Fast, precise and very reliable:
  • Made by Nexion Group Company
  • High quality components and modern design
  • User friendly software for precise and quick alignment measurements
  • Intuitive 2-key operation with easily accessible tutor help
  • Easy access to all adjustment values
  • 10” to 26” sensor holder (with adaptor) clamps with passive high
    resolution targets 80 x 80 and 80 x 90
  • Next generation camera with HiQ lenses
  • Main unit complete with PC holder and platform for keyboard
    and printer
  • A first class international based databank
  • Live graphic indications
  • User databank for insert or modification vehicle data
  • Chassis measurement data
  • Job operation customer data bank, to recall
    and memorize all customer data


  • Practical trolley for clamps and target holder
  • Wireless remote control kit
  • NEXREMOTE The tablet is used as a remote control unit of the graphic user interface or as an additional portable monitor. It can also be used to show in real time to the customer the current vehicle status
  • Tecnomotor Diagnostic tools to perform steering angle calibrations after the wheel alignment and other multi brand diagnostic requirements, Click here for more info on the Tecnomotor diagnostic tool range

Please Contact us for more information or to arrange to see this unit working in our workshop


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