Inficon Gasmate-Nitrogen / Hydrogen Tracer Gas Leak Detector

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Nitrogen / Hydrogen Tracer Gas Leak Detector

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Product Description

A leak detector from Inficon especially designed for systems containing combustible gasses: such as methane (R50), propane (R290), isobutane (R600a), R441a, ammonia (R717), forminggas(Nitrogen/Hydrogen).  Certified to work safely with in spaces with combustible gasses.


  • Sensitive to 5 ppm methane
  • Also detects natural gas, forming gas, propane, butane, cyclopentane, ethane, ethanol, isobutane and ammonia
  • Great for forming gas (95% nitrogen, 5% hydrogen)
  • Auto zeroing for ignoring background gas levels in leak test area
  • Small sensor and probe tip permit leak checking in tighter places
  • Certified intrinsically safe by MET Laboratories for use in combustive/explosive environments


  • Multiple LEDs, variable intensity audio alarm indicate leak strength
  • Adjustable sensitivity helps pinpoint leaks fast
  • Made in the USA
  • Three year replacement warranty

To be used with a Nitrogen/Hydrogen Leak testing kit. Click here to view on our site.

Product Specifications

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 12 cm


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