Nitrogen/Hydrogen Leak testing Basic kit

265.00 ex. VAT

Nitrogen/Hydrogen leak testing kit

N.B Picture is for illustration purposes only. Please read below.

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Product Description

Build your Ultimate Nitrogen/Hydrogen leak testing kit

We recommend using Nitrogen/Hydrogen mix as Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the periodic table which will leak easily.

N.B Picture is for illustration purposes only. The price quoted is for the basic kit which includes 1)Trolley for nitrogen/hydrogen bottle 2)Pressure regulator 3)Dual Manifold 4) Yellow hose from regulator to manifold.

N.B Please specify whether you are using BOC or Stargas to supply your Nitrogen/Hydrogen bottle as they use different regulators. We can supply both types.

To complete your kit please purchase the below options as per your needs.

Nitrogen/Hydrogen bottle not included. Needs to be purchased from gas supplier.

1 R134A hose set with quick release couplers – 14301

2 R1234yf hose set with quick release couplers – 14302

3 Nitrogen/Hydrogen Sniff tester – D640

4 T-Line orange leak detection fluid – 12694

Special offers available on any assortment of the above. Call 051424799 for more details.

Product Specifications

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 120 cm


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