New ADAS Equipment Has Landed!!
Have you looked into ADAS equipment and thought the investment cost too high? Think Again!! Here at Ryans Automotive we took delivery of some new SmartsSafe/Launch ADAS equipment. We now have 4 possible kits to choose from, the basic, standard, deluxe and premium kit. The higher the kit you have the more coverage you have. Due...
22 March 2023 Brendan Ryan
Govoni Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressors On Offer!
Govoni GO325 Pneumatic Spring Compressor, Compression Force: 2452 kg Main Features Auto Leveling System: The two auto leveling upper arms allow to work easily both on conical and misaligned springs. Cylinder: Stroke & Power: It is possible to use this auto leveling machine also in case of long shock absorbers...
07 February 2023 Brendan Ryan
DPF Additive Fluid Special Prices! & New DPF Additive Pouches Now In Stock
DPF Additive Fluid Eolys DPF Additive Fluid 1 Litre Can DPF Additive fluid suitable for all modern PSA, Ford, Volvo & Mini Vehicles.Matching specification for Eolys 42 & 176 Call us on 051424799 for pricing. Eolys DPF Additive Fluid 3 Litre Can DPF Additive fluid suitable for all modern PSA, Ford, Mazda,...
18 January 2023 Brendan Ryan
The New NRG Kick EV Charger
It’s a portable charger wall box and its a type 2 portable charger (Granny Cable) and with optional type 2 smart connection its also a charge cable.It can charge from a standard 13amp outlet, 16amp outlet, 16 amp 3 phase outlet and a 32amp 3 phase outlet giving you charging rates up to 22kW. The highly innovative NRGkick...
16 December 2022 Brendan Ryan
New Products December 2022
06 December 2022 Brendan Ryan
Ryans Automotive At The Auto Trade Expo 2022
All of us at Ryans Automotive would like to thank everyone who came and visited us at this years Auto Trade Expo, we talked with so many people over the weekend, it really was great to meet you all and we hope it was an enjoyable experience for you as it was for us. Thank you.
19 October 2022 Brendan Ryan
MAHLE Diagnostic Tool updates Q3/2022
MAHLE TOPNEWS Q3.2022 is online! Special focus on Service FORD – HONDAHYUNDAI – KIA – SUBARU New ModelsRENAULT KANGOO III – BMW 6 Special focus on Enhanced Scan BMW – DACIA – RENAULT Cyber Security – coming soonMERCEDES CEBAS MCS PASS Special focus on EVsAUDI E TRON [2018]AUDI Q4 E TRON [2021] (F4)BMW IX [2021]JEEP...
02 October 2022 Brendan Ryan
Join us at this years Auto Trade Expo
where we will be showing off a huge range of parts & equipment, from Aircon and ADAS to Diagnostic and EV and much more. To register you will need to visit the Auto trade Expo website, so don’t miss out, follow the link below to book your spot!
27 September 2022 Brendan Ryan
360 ADAS Coverage Now Added
We have invested again in more ADAS equipment to give a more complete service, now covering Around View Monitoring, Blind Spot Monitoring, Blind Spot detection, Park Assist, along with all frontal ADAS systems. Something as small as your wheel alignment can play a big affect on your vehicles ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)...
27 June 2022 Brendan Ryan
New Products June 2022
02 June 2022 Brendan Ryan

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