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Cooling System Flushing


We can now provide Cooling system Flushing and Cleaning on all types of vehicles thanks to our new SPIN Coolant Flushing machine. Cooling systems become contaminated over time, especially if the coolant is not changed at the correct intervals. This leads to corrosion of some internal parts of the engine and radiators.The small pieces of…

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Dealer Level Diagnostics. More Brands Added

Dealer level Diagnostics and Programming We have been working hard to add more brands to the listWe recently added Jaguar, Land Rover, Peugoet, Citroen and Renault So now the total list we have dealer level diagnostics and programming for are AudiBMWCitroen(Most functions, please enquire)FordJaguarLand RoverLexusMiniMercedes Opel,Peugeot(Most Fuctions, please enquire)Renault(Most Functions, Please enquire)SkodaToyotaVWVolvo For these brands…

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New 3D Four Wheel Alignment System

We now have the latest 3D computerised 4 wheel alignment system to perform all alignment checks and adjustment,The system has a integrated database with all makes and models listed in the software and prompts the user trough all stages of alignment checks and adjustments, This is not just checking tracking its a full check of…

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