Intake and Fuel System Cleaning


Our new state of the Art Carbon Zapp multi system cleaner.
Thanks to the clever design this machine allows us to clean all diesel and gasoline systems through the use of the machine and special additives, 
it can also be used for DPF and Intake Manifold Cleaning through the use of easily connected external bottles.

  • DPF cleaning by injecting cleaning additive directly into the DPF via special adaptors with the engine running
  • Cleaning intake manifold, ports in head, valves and combustion chamber etc with the intake cleaning option, works very well for preventative maintenance and removing small blockages, note: this wont clear heavily blocked intake manifolds and ports, in these cases the only option is to remove manifold and clean with other methods like the Tunap cylinder head blasting kit, but if this machine is used on vehicles that are known to have this type of problems at every 2nd service it will prevent the chances of these issues,
  • Clean standard diesel injector pumps and injectors by running special cleaning additives trough the system
  • Clean common rail diesel pumps, injectors and pressure control valves by running special cleaning additives trough the system

Intake Systems Cleaning Advantages 
Using a special cleaning fluid developed by Carbon Zapp sprayed into the intake systems at high pressures will

  • De-Carbonization of the combustion chamber
  • De-Carbonizing of Intake Manifold and throttle body
  • De-Carbonization of Valves
  • Excellent for preventative maintenance
  • Excellent for small carbon build up
  • Improves power and fuel economy
  • Prevention of long term expensive repairs
  • NOTE: For intake systems that have excessive build up this treatment will help but will not fully remove the build up. For excessive build up we use the Tunap Granule Blasting Kit (See picture below)
  • Prices starting from €125 + vat

Fuel Systems Cleaning Advantages
The Carbon Zapp machine allows us to run a petrol or diesel vehicle with its internal pump and tanks without the vehicles own low pressure supply and also allows us to run the special additives trough the system at the ideal mixture

  • Uses a special cleaning fluid developed by Carbon Zapp. There are specific fluids for both petrol and diesel.
  • Cleans the complete Common Rail system
  • Cleans petrol injectors 
  • Increases power and fuel economy
  • Prevention of long term expensive repairs
  • Can also be used for older Electrical/Mechanical fuel pumps as well as Common Rail.
  • Prices from €115 + Vat
Tunap Cylinder Head Blasting Kit
We also use the below kit when the intake ports and valves are very badly choked up, the only way to remove bad carbon build up is to remove the intake manifold and use a system like the below to get it cleaned



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