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360 ADAS Coverage Now Added
We have invested again in more ADAS equipment to give a more complete service, now covering Around View Monitoring, Blind Spot Monitoring, Blind Spot detection, Park Assist, along with all frontal ADAS systems. Something as small as your wheel alignment can play a big affect on your vehicles ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)...
27 June 2022 Brendan Ryan
Some recent Hybrid and EV repairs and servicing
Did you know we provide all types of repairs for these vehicles. We’ve been seeing an increase in Hybrid and EV repair work recently.Below are pictures of some cars repaired and serviced over the last couple of weeks.See the pictures for more info Lexus GS450H Battery in for reconditioning Honda Fit Hybrid in for dual clutch...
27 July 2021 seamus
Toyota Hybrid Batteries Reconditioning
We are delighted to announce that are now equipped to service and recondition NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) hybrid batteries in most makes of vehicle. NiMH batteries are installed in most hybrid Toyota, Lexus and Honda vehicles up to 2020. On car Battery servicing.BATTERIES NEED TUNE-UPS, TOO.Are you ignoring your hybrid battery?...
12 April 2021 Brendan Ryan
Intake and Fuel System Cleaning
Our new state of the Art Carbon Zapp multi system cleaner.Thanks to the clever design this machine allows us to clean all diesel and gasoline systems through the use of the machine and special additives, it can also be used for DPF and Intake Manifold Cleaning through the use of easily connected external bottles. DPF cleaning...
26 June 2020 seamus
Vehicle Sanitizing Service
Are you worried about viruses and bacteria in the interior of your vehicle We are now equipped with the latest Mahle Ozone generator which helps to kill viruses and remove bad odours from your vehicle This equipment declares war on viruses,Mahle OzonePRO offers an intelligent procedure for consistent results, as the sanitizing...
26 June 2020 seamus
ADAS Calibration, Diagnostics And Repairs
At Ryan’s Automotive we are now equipped with the latest ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) equipment from Sice and Tecnomotor and we can calibrate forward facing radars and cameras on the following brands Audi Alfa Romeo Citroen Fiat Hyundai Jeep Kia Mercedes Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Peugeot Seat Smart Skoda Suzuki Renault Toyota...
18 April 2020 seamus
Cooling System Flushing
We can now provide Cooling system Flushing and Cleaning on all types of vehicles thanks to our new SPIN Coolant Flushing machine. Cooling systems become contaminated over time, especially if the coolant is not changed at the correct intervals. This leads to corrosion of some internal parts of the engine and radiators.The small...
29 March 2020 seamus
Dealer Level Diagnostics. More Brands Added
Dealer level Diagnostics and Programming We have been working hard to add more brands to the listWe recently added Jaguar, Land Rover, Peugoet, Citroen and Renault So now the total list we have dealer level diagnostics and programming for are AudiBMWCitroen(Most functions, please enquire)FordJaguarLand RoverLexusMiniMercedes...
16 January 2020 Brendan Ryan
New 3D Four Wheel Alignment System
We now have the latest 3D computerised 4 wheel alignment system to perform all alignment checks and adjustment,The system has a integrated database with all makes and models listed in the software and prompts the user trough all stages of alignment checks and adjustments, This is not just checking tracking its a full check of all...
07 October 2019 Brendan Ryan
Vauxhall Ampera Transmission Repair
Vauxhall Ampera range extender transmission whining noise diagnosed and repaired at Ryans Automotive last week, Check out the below section of our website for more information about hybrid and electric vehicle repairs and servicing at Ryans Automotive…/hybrid-electric-vehicles-…/
25 February 2019 seamus

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