Injector & Glow Plug Removal

Injector Removal

When you try to remove the injectors on some modern common rail diesel engines they can be seized in the cylinder head, this is due to various different reasons eg carbon build up caused by blow by on the injector washer, corrosion etc.

We have the latest Govoni and Pichler injector removal equipment and can provide this service on a huge range of makes and models. 

Many different scenarios can occur when an injector is seized from a straightforward removal with the hydraulic pullers to an injector breaking on removal or the injector clamp bolts breaking off. We are equipped to deal with any of these situations and can almost always remove the injector without cylinder head removal.

Glow Plug Removal

It is often the case that when you try to remove the glow plugs they are seized in the cylinder head and the hex part of the glow plug will shear off and leave the rest behind.  In other cases the main body of the glow plug will screw out but leave the tip behind, we now have the latest Govoni glow plug removal equipment and can provide this service.

If you are a qualified vehicle repairer and wish to purchase any Injector or Glow plug removal tools for your own use you can do so in our shop

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