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New AC Hoses Repair Kits And Parts
We have added some new AC hoses repair parts to our range to compliment the KlimaKlamp rangeWe now also have some Airsept Smart Splice line and hose repair parts and kits available from stockAirsept products are made in the USA and are durable and cost effective solution for hoses and line repair Check out theses products below And...
14 October 2021 seamus
Toyota Hybrid Batteries Reconditioning
We are delighted to announce that are now equipped to service and recondition NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) hybrid batteries in most makes of vehicle. NiMH batteries are installed in most hybrid Toyota, Lexus and Honda vehicles up to 2020. On car Battery servicing.BATTERIES NEED TUNE-UPS, TOO.Are you ignoring your hybrid battery?...
12 April 2021 Brendan Ryan
KlimaKlamp AC Hoses Repair Kits
KlimaKlamp® A/C Hose Repair Kits now available from Ryans Automotive Do you want to be able to repair the A/C hoses without delay and without waiting for days or weeks for a hoses to arrive from the vehicle manufactureYou can do it without original spare parts!, In short time and low costs!!And in many cases replacing a full...
29 June 2020 seamus
Season Ready!!
For all your A/C Service equipment think Ryans Automotive. Quality Equipment, Great stock with Great Support.R134a and R1234yf gas,Moratech A/C Service MachinesLeak Detection ToolsA/C Oils General A/C repair tools and repair kitsA/C Machine service and repair partsReplacement and extra long service hoses.New genuine Compressors...
06 April 2019 Brendan Ryan
Reduced Price On R134A For January
Reduced Price On R134A For January Click here fro more info R134A Air conditioning gas 12 kg Price includes fully refundable bottle surcharge of €30 (customer is responsible to get empty bottle returned to Ryans Automotive for credit) Buy 3 or more and get for €399 + vat For shipping outside of Ireland the price that...
06 January 2019 seamus
Huf IntelliSens TPMS Sensors Now In Stock
Huf IntelliSens universal TPMS sensor metal valve, part number =  UVS4040 Click here to see more details on the TPMS sensors we stock Trade users register/log in to view trade prices and quantity discounts 3 different trade prices based on quantity purchased (add the item to the cart and adjust the quantity to see prices based...
06 January 2019 seamus
Huge range of electrical connector repair kits now in stock.
Huge range of electrical connector repair kits now in stock. To Order : Follow this link - https://www.ryansautomotive.ie/product-category/special-automotive-parts/electronic-parts/electrical-connectors/  (Why not make a shortcut on your desktop) Select the section for the connector you need.(1 pin, 2 pin, 3 pin, etc)...
04 December 2018 Brendan Ryan
Huge range of Air Conditioning Consumables and Repair Tools
Huge range of air conditioning consumables and repair tools now in stock click on the link below for more info Click here to see new range of AC consumables and repair tools
24 July 2018 seamus
Online parts ordering now up and running.
Register today to get access to our new online parts ordering system containing, EGR Valves Common Rail Parts(Injectors, IMV and Pressure Regulators,etc) Eolys Dpf additive fluid Tuning Modules Universal Catalytic Converters A Selection of Universal and Direct Fit DPF,s Emulators for Immobiliser Air Conditioning...
23 February 2018 Brendan Ryan
Schrader Ez-Sensor Universal TPMS Sensor TPMS001MN Now In Stock
Schrader Ez-sensor universal TPMS sensor, Part number TPMS001MN Schrader Ez sensor clamp in Schrader part number 2020 For EU vehicles 433 Mhz Programmable sensor Will replace many different OE sensors once programed with a TPMS tool like the Tecnomotor TPM02 Click here to see our TPMS tools Can be programmed with...
04 March 2017 seamus

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