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DPF Filter Regeneration Modes
Click on the PDF file below to read about some of the DPF regeneration modes vehicle manufactures use DPF-filter-regeneration-modes
07 October 2019 Brendan Ryan
2013 Ford Focus Software Update Ford Focus Software Update This video shows how to perform a software update and injector data reset on a 2013 Ford Focus 1.6D using the Autoland Scientech Iscan 3 to cure a hard diesel knock
06 January 2019 seamus
Testing Active ABS Sensors With the GMTO-Tiepie Scope out the above video showing how to check active ABS sensors with the GMTO scope
03 August 2018 seamus
Checking Digital Air Mass Sensors With The GMTO Scope out the above video showing how to check digital air mass sensors with the GMTO scope
27 June 2018 seamus
Choosing an Oscilloscope
When choosing a oscilloscope there are many factors to consider but the below document gives a brief overview of the most important specs Choosing an Oscilloscope document And check out this web page to understand more about some of the frequently terms when talking about oscilloscopes
03 June 2018 seamus
Byteflight Vehicle Networks
BYTEFLIGHT VEHICLE NETWORKS Byteflight networks were first used in early 2000’s, and were primarily intended for safety systems such as Air-Bags systems. The Byteflight design was therefore dictated by the need for reliability, high fault tolerance and high data speed (the speed of the signals passing between different ECUs). Byteflight...
02 July 2016 seamus
Lambda Sensor Technical Article
Lambda Sensor Technical Article Click on the below pdf to read a technical article about lambda sensors. Lambda Sensor Technical Article  
18 April 2016 seamus
J2534/Pass Thru Article
J2534 Pass thru article Click on the below pdf to read a technical article about J2534. J2534 technical article.pdf
07 December 2015 seamus
BMW X5 E70 CAN bus proublems
Click on the below pdf to read about a problem we had with a BMW X5 CAN bus system. BMW X5 E70 Can Bus proublems.pdf
07 December 2015 seamus
Opel Zafria 1.6 Knock Sensor
Click on the below pdf to read about a knock sensor fault that we were getting on a 2004 Opel Zafria 1.6. Opel Knock sensor fault.pdf
07 December 2015 seamus

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