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Air conditioning is one thing that is almost a standard feature in cars these days. Air conditioning is great for keeping you cool especially during the warm summer days but now on modern hybrid and electric vehicles the AC system may also be used to cool the high voltage battery and some modern electric vehicles use what is called a heat pump system and this also uses the AC systems for the heating and cooling, so in other words if your AC system is not working as it should the car may not even switch on (for electric cars that use AC system to cool the battery) and if its a heat pump car then the heaters wont work if the AC system is not working correctly.

At Ryans Automotive we aim to be your one stop shop for all your AC system needs. We cover the three types of gas, R134A, R1234YF and R744/CO2. If you’re unsure what your car might be, there is no need to worry, our technicians will identify it when your car comes into us to be serviced or repaired.

We also do Air Conditioning repairs. Is you’re A/C not working? then there is no need to worry, we can get you into our specialist diagnostic centre and identify the problem for you. Once identified we will then set the appropriate plan of action to get your air conditioning back up and running.

We are equipped with the latest air-conditioning equipment to provide a full servicing, re-gassing and repairs for R134A, R1234yf and R744/CO2

We also have other test equipment for diagnosing the smallest gas leaks to ensure that when your system is refilled that it will stay filled for the correct duration.

We don’t believe in the splash and dash approach and we do much more than just a re-gas when we do a air con service, below is a list of the checks and operations performed.

To include:

  • Check drive belt or check cables and mounting on electric operated compressors
  • Check pollen filter
  • Visually inspect the air conditioning components
  • Full recovery, vacuum and refill
  • Check aircon operating pressures
  • Leak test with special sniffer tool (more in depth leak testing available)
  • Read and clear faults and check operating parameters in the AC control unit with diagnostic equipment
  • Check vehicle internal temperature with digital thermometer

The above is what we recommend but we can also do just a top up if that’s what the customer wants.

Below is a full list of the AC systems services we offer

  • Full AC servicing for vehicles with R134A, R1234yf and R744/CO2
  • AC system diagnosis
  • AC system leak testing
  • AC hoses repairs or replacment
  • AC system flushing with a special flushing machine
  • Vehicle sanitising and odour removal service with our Ozone Generator and Atom machine
  • And all other AC system repairs that may be needed

For all your air conditioning needs just give us a call on 051 424799 where our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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