Cooling System Flushing, Cleaning and Exchange

We can now provide Cooling system Flushing and Cleaning on all types of vehicles thanks to our new SPIN Coolant Flushing machine.

Cooling systems become contaminated over time, especially if the coolant is not changed at the correct intervals. This leads to corrosion of some internal parts of the engine and radiators.
The small pieces of corrosion then travel through the Cooling system and lodge in the small ports of the heater and main radiators which can cause cooling problems in the vehicle.
These types of problems are very common on newer VAG vehicles due to the engine design.

  • The machine aids flushing using an Internal pump, a water heater and special filters which are replaced with every use.
  • Coolant colour and condition can be viewed through the spy glasses in the machine so we can easily see when the system is cleaned.
  • A cleaning fluid is added to the coolant system before every clean
  • An additive is also added to the cooling system after the clean is completed
  • Much more intensive clean than standard coolant changes or bottles of flushing additives
  • Some badly clogged systems may need 2 or 3 cleans to get a satisfactory result.

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