Glow Plug Control Unit 285685 Mercedes

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Glow Plug Control Unit 285685 Mercedes

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Product Description

Glow Plug Control Unit 285685 Mercedes

New Genuine Glow Plug Control Unit.

Always use an OE or manufacturers number to confirm the correct listing or contact us with your registration or chassis number.

MERCEDES-BENZ              6421532479
MERCEDES-BENZ              6421533879
MERCEDES-BENZ              6421533779
MERCEDES-BENZ              6421532279
MERCEDES-BENZ              6429005701
MERCEDES-BENZ              6429002700
MERCEDES-BENZ              A6429007701
MERCEDES-BENZ              A6429002700
MERCEDES-BENZ              A6429005701
MERCEDES-BENZ              A6421532279
MERCEDES-BENZ              A6421532479
MERCEDES-BENZ              A6421533779
MERCEDES-BENZ              A6421533879
MERCEDES-BENZ              6429007701

Product Specifications

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 12 × 14 × 15 cm
Car Make

Mercedes Benz


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