DPF Cleaning and Diagnostics

At Ryans Automotive we don’t JUST provide a DPF cleaning service but also a full DPF diagnostics to pinpoint the reason why your DPF clogged in the first place.

50% of blocked DPF filters are caused not by “wear and tear” but by an underlying problem.

The reasons for a DPF to block are too many to list here but to name a few,

  • Faulty exhaust temperature sensors
  • Faulty DPF pressure sensors
  • Malfunctioning EGR valve
  • Carbon clogged intake system
  • Leaking turbo hose
  • Failed glow plugs
  • Lack of oil changes
  • Poor quality oils

And even if there are no underlying problems the DPF will start to fill up with ash over time and cleaning will extend the life of your DPF

There are also cases where if the vehicle is only doing short journeys the DPF will start to fill quicker than normal, As vehicles that only do short journeys may never get a chance to perform the spontaneous or dynamic regeneration needed to keep the filter clean and again cleaning and a forced regeneration will extend the life of your DPF

Our DPF cleaning service procedure consists of

  • Step 1: An initial diagnostic check of the DPF and surrounding systems.
  • Step 2: A 3 step on vehicle cleaning process (no costly removal of the DPF needed).
  • Step 3: A further diagnostic check of the system using live diagnostic tool data. this 3rd step is necessary after cleaning as the vehicle will be back to full power after cleaning and only then can all the systems and live data be interpreted correctly.

You the customer will then be supplied with a checklist of all the essential components that have been checked to keep your DPF in good working order and we will advise you of how to get the best out of your DPF equipped vehicle and keep away that dreaded P2002 fault code.

Of course we can also supply a cheaper DPF regeneration without cleaning equivalent to what the dealer performs but it depends on the condition of your DPF as to whether this will work or not.

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What is a DPF ??

A diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. There are 4 main types,

  • Cordierite wall flow filters
  • Silicon carbide wall flow filters
  • Ceramic Fiber Filters
  • Metal fiber flow-through filters

Each type has its own characteristics and the types are used depending on the application and vehicle design.
DPF cleaning is possible on all  types of DPF filters.

Below is some of the special equipment we use to diagnoses and clean DPF filters

DPF cleaning with the above Carbon Zapp machine by injecting cleaning additive directly into the DPF via special injector adaptor with the engine running and DPF up to temperature,
This ensures a very efficient cleaning
Errecom 2 stage DPF cleaning option
DPF flush and testing kit
Just some other various test equipment we use to test and diagnosis DPF filters along with a host of other diagnostic equipment and specialist test equipment

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