Our Partners (Diagnostic Equipment & Tools)

autoland scientech,

Diagnostic tools, Oscilloscopes, Battery support units


DG Technologies

J2534 Interfaces


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Diagnostic tools, Emission’s testers, TPMS testers



Original technical information



Technical information



Automotive oscilloscope and accessories


Air conditioning equipment


Injector and glow plug removal tools, Timing tools, Other specialist tools


LTR Germany

Specialists tools and test equipment


Fasano tools

Specialist tools


Automotive oscilloscope, accessories and diagnostic tools


Battery chargers, battery support units and booster packs


Injector test benches for Diesel and Gasoline injection systems, fuel service equipment and tools


And others to include
Derossi Massimo SRL: Common rail test equipment
Jomatec: Specialist test equipment
Muller Werkzeug: Specialist tools
Sice: Wheel alignment equipment, ADAS calibration systems
And other suppliers from around the world

Diagnostics Equipment & Tools

Garage Repairs & Servicing

Special Automotive Parts

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