Diaphragm Spring Clutch Cutaway Functional Model

Diaphragm spring clutch cutaway functional model

Product Description

Diaphragm spring clutch cutaway functional model

Fully functional cutaway model of diaphragm spring clutch, complete with the flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing and release fork. It is made as an automotive functional clutch cutaway model, by using all original cars components.
The cutaway of the pressure plate mechanism made for an easier explanation and demonstrate the principle of operations. The principle of the operation could be shown by pressing handle which depresses the diaphragm spring and relies on the clutch disc. The clutch disc could be turned by turning the shaft manually.

The clutch transmits the engine power to the gearbox, and it allows the transmission to be interrupted while the gear is selected to move off from a stationary position, or when gears are changed while the car is moving. When the car is moving under the power the clutch is engaged, it means on AutoEDU clutch training aid the handle should be released and clutch disk pressed by the pressure plate. AutoEDU cutaway model is a great tool which allows students to become familiar with the car’s diaphragm spring clutch, the structure and operation, technical information, spec. tools and their use.

Technical specifications and functions

  • Clearly visible fully functional diaphragm spring clutch mechanism;
  • The cutaway of the pressure plate for an easier explanation and demonstrate the principle of operations, painted in different colours;
  • Activation by pressing the handle and turning the shaft manually;


  • Dimensions (height x length x width) 500x500x300mm
  • Nett weight approx.: 17 Kg
  • Made in Lithuania

Product Specifications

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 50 cm


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