Petrol/Electric HYBRID technology Functional model Cabrio Version

Petrol/Electric HYBRID technology Functional model cabrio version

Product Description

Petrol/Electric HYBRID technology Functional model Cabrio Version

Order nr.: PMTPK-01

Educational fully operational functional model with hybrid petrol / electric system. This functional model is as an alternative for a complete vehicle, just in space saving version, and it has the same advantages of a complete car. The functional model made from Toyota Prius II, by separation of body just after the B-pillars. In the front end all the components like engine air conditioning system and other components remain fully functional. The functional model remains mobile with the help of additional swivel casters.
This functional model is a great educational tool that allows students to learn the components of the hybrid system, air conditioning system, ABS system, SRS AIRBAG system and other systems and its components, operation modes, various measurements, tests and other diagnostic procedures.

Technical specifications and functions

The educational functional model with:

  • Automatic gearbox
  • Climate control
  • CAN Gateway network
  • Exhaust system
  • SRS Airbag system (Integrated inactive airbag igniters (after activation))

Diagnostic and measurement

Control unit diagnosis

  • Diagnosis through OBD 16 – pin diagnostic connector
  • Electronic control unit (ECU) identification
  • Reading/erasing fault codes
  • Displaying the operating system parameters (live data)
  • Actuator test (depends on the control unit)
  • Control unit coding/configuration (depends on the control unit)
  • Automatic search of ECU’s (depends on scan tools possibility)

Optional accessories break out box and fault insertion panel for functional models

  • Built in measuring box with open contacts and wiring diagram for engine control system = PMTP-ENG /Box
  • Fault simulation for engine control system = PMTP-ENG/Faults
  • Built in measuring box with open contacts and wiring diagram for climate control = PMTP-AC/Box
  • Fault simulation for climate control = PMTP-AC/Faults
  • Built in measuring box with open contacts and wiring diagram for SRS AIRBAG = PMTP-SRS/Box
  • Fault simulation for SRS AIRBAG = PMTP- SRS/Faults


  • Dimensions approx. (HxLxW): 1300 x 2900 x 1700 mm
  • Netto weight approx.: 900 Kg

Optional tools and equipment for measurement and services

  • Automotive oscilloscope
  • OBD Diagnostic scan tool
  • The gas analyzer
  • The exhaust extraction system
  • Air Conditioning service station


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