Electromem FlashMem 120 Amp Battery Support Unit

Electromem FlashMem 120 Amp Battery Support Unit and charger
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Product Description

Electromem FlashMem 120 Amp Battery Support Unit and charger

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Flashmen is a line of professional power supplies battery chargers with high performance, compact size and high quality
They are used by garages, car electrician, car dealerships mainly for charge and supply vehicles during all stages of reprogramming, flashing and car diagnosis.

Flashmem 120 specs

Fully Safe System:

  • Reverse polarity
  • Short circuit
  • Voltage error
  • Overload

Main Features: 

  • Comes with 6 meter cables
  • Can supply up to 120 amps during battery support for diagnostic and programming
  • FlashMem 120 produces three different charge cycles, Wet, AGM or Lithium LifePO4
  • Equipped with micro processing CPU controller for the control and the top safety of all operations
  • Automatic cycle of desulphation and exclusive function for deep discharged batteries.
  • FLASH MEM-120 is a professional product, Function power supply “Supply” or “Flashing”, saves the vehicles memories during the replacing of battery and supplies the electrical system of the vehicle during the diagnostic phase
  • Flashing function safeguards all data during all stages of diagnostics and reprogramming of the vehicle’s memories. Voltages (13,8 – 14.4 to 14.8 volts)
  • Preset supply current bands 10A, 30A, 60A and 120A
  • Preset charging bands 5Ah to 100Ah, 100Ah to 300Ah, 300Ah to 600A and 600Ah to 1200Ah
  • Digital switchable display which shows Amps or voltage

Product Specifications

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 46 × 39 × 25 cm


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