OBD Link Connector And Tester

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OBD Link Connector and tester

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Product Description

This is not your average OBD break out box or CAN test box, it has many more functions than its competitor tools.

Provides the following functions when connected to the vehicle.
• Use as an OBD extension cable
• Built in light to aid finding the OBD port
• Test all 16 pins in the OBD port automatically
• Test for power supply and grounds in OBD port
• Monitor of battery voltage via inbuilt volt meter – necessary when performing diagnostics, programming and coding
• Check charging voltage
• Audible warning if battery voltage goes too high or too low
• Detect communication protocol
• As a break out box for ease of connecting oscilloscope
• Use as a data saver when replacing battery when used in conjunction with the optional data saver cable
• Use as a 12 volt power source and ground for other devices – max load 5 amps
• Use to bridge pins in OBD port for reading blink codes on certain vehicles and the bridging of pins is also required in other certain cases to reset and relearn particular systems

Product Specifications

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14 × 10 cm


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