FSI/GDI Digital High Pressure Tester

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FSI/GDI Digital High Pressure Tester  (Petrol Common Rail)

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Product Description

FSI/GDI Digital High Pressure Tester (Petrol Common Rail)

FSI/GDI Engines work in a similar way as Diesel Common Rail Engines, they have a low pressure circuit and a high pressure circuit.

This tester is able to measure both circuits, as it comes equipped with a high accuracy 200 bar sensor, with enough range and accuracy to check them.

The unit is supplied with high pressure flexible hoses with the corresponding connectors.

Stores the maximum and minimum pressure values and is able to display them at the same time on the color display.


  • Sensor = Electronic Ratiometric.
  • Accuracy = +1.5 per cent.
  • Range = 0 a 200 Bar.
  • Scales = Bar/PSI.
  • Display = TFT Color 320 x 240 pixels.
  • Power Supply = 3 x AA batteries
  • Back light
  • Auto Ranging

Product Specifications

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 27 × 22 × 9 cm


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