Hybrid & EV Tool Set VDE Insulated To 1000V

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Hybrid & EV tool set VDE insulated to 1000V

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Product Description

Hybrid & EV tool set VDE insulated to 1000V


VDE-GS mark

Includes the following :

  • oE0701: socket 7mm insulated 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0702: socket 8mm insulated 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0703: socket 10mm insulated 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0704: socket 12mm insulated 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0705: socket 14mm insulated 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0706: socket 15mm insulated 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0707: socket 17mm insulated 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0708: socket 19mm insulated 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0709: socket 22mm insulated 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0711: insulated ratchet 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0712: insulated extension 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0713: insulated T-handle 1000V 3/8″
  • oE0714: insulated cutter 1000V
  • oE0716: 4×100 slotted screwdriver insulated 1000V
  • oE0717: 5.5×125 slotted screwdriver insulated 1000V
  • oE0718: 1×100 phillips screwdriver insulated 1000V
  • oE0719: 2×100 phillips screwdriver insulated 1000V
  • oE0722: open end wrench 7mm insulated 1000V
  • oE0723: open end wrench 8mm insulated 1000V
  • oE0724: open end wrench 10mm insulated 1000V
  • oE0725: open end wrench 12mm insulated 1000V
  • oE0726: open end wrench 14mm insulated 1000V
  • oE0727: open end wrench 17mm insulated 1000V
  • oE0728: insulated combination pliers 1000V
  • oE0729: insulated cutting pliers 1000V

Also available individual please enquire for more info

Product Specifications

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 46 × 37 × 13 cm


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