Common Rail Injector Removal Tools For Ford 2.0 Ecoblue

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Common Rail Injector Removal Tools For Ford 2.0 Ecoblue

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Product Description

Common Rail Injector Removal Tools For Ford 2.0 Ecoblue

Brand: Govoni

Set of special tools to remove the injector of FORD 2.0 ECOBLUE TDCI (from 2016).
Solution projected to remove highly blocked injectors in a professional, safety and fast way.
In the case that the injectors breaks during extraction and leaves the nozzle cap behind, it is possible trough use the tools present in the set to extract the single parts.

Extraction Type: Mechanical (but can be used with hydraulics with Govoni pistons part numbers GO1050 or GO1015 or if you buy longer shaft it can be used with other types of pistons)
Applications: Ford 2.0 ecoblue TDCI from 2016 (Ford Galaxy, S-max,Mondeo,Focus C-Max, Transit and Custom (from 2018), etc
Engine codes: YLFS 77 kW – YLF6 77 kW – YMFS 96 kW – YMF6 96 kW – YNFS 125 kW – YNF6 125 kW – YLR6 77 kW – YMR6 96 kW – YNR6 125 kW

Make sure to fully read instructions before use, especially on page 5 where it explains the limitations of the fork extraction method (if the injector is very badly seized the fork method wont work and if you persist with the fork method you will bend it)

This set can be successfully used in many cases but in some cases where the injector is very badly seized other tools and or methods may need to be used,

Product Specifications

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 12 cm


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