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We at Ryan’s automotive pride ourselves on the support we give with the products we sell,
As we believe that selling the product to the customer is only the 1st step and that ongoing support is very important so the customer can get good value from his equipment,
We are also in a great position to support these products as we use them every day in our own workshop,
We want to support our customers in the best possible way so they get good value from there equipment,
We can provide support in many different ways depending on location and customers preferences

  • Phone support
  • Email
  • Team viewer (where we remotely log onto your PC, laptop or diagnostic tool)
  • Whats App
  • Ticket system via our customer support portal
  • Provide access to our customer support library where in some cases the customer can find the info needed to sort there problem by themselves
  • On site (depending on location)

Note the support above is only for the more technical products Ryan’s Automotive have supplied and the levels of support vary according to the product you have, you can see whats included on the products page and by clicking on the Warranty and Support tab

Other products:
For all other products we aim to support the customer in the best possible way to ensure the are happy with there products

Ryan’s Automotive Customer Support library:
This area contains support information that we have created to support some of the more technical products that we supply.
Our customer support library is a ongoing project which is constantly being updated with new information to help our customers, if you cant find the information on here you can submit a support request, email or phone us
We would advise the customer to check the customer support portal first before contacting us as there may already be a solution on there,
The below different support sections are only visible and accessible if you have purchased any of these products from us,

  • Autoland diagnostic tools
  • Autoland CA15 scope meter
  • Dim sport rapid
  • General diagnostic information (accessible if you have one of the diagnostic tools or scopes we supply)
  • GMTO/TiePie Scope
  • Hybrid/electric vehicle general information (accessible if you have one of the diagnostic tools or scopes we supply)
  • J2534 Pass Thru and Autoland IMS2 (chargeable access, enquire for more info)
  • Manual diagnostic procedures (accessible if you have one of the diagnostic tools we supply)
  • Manual service reset procedures (accessible if you have one of the diagnostic tools we supply)
  • MM03 common rail tester
  • Tecnomotor diagnostic tools
  • TPMS testers and other TPMS information
  • Tecnomotor emissions testers
  • Vehicle specific problems (accessible if you have one of the diagnostic tools we supply)

The following different sections are accessible to everyone

  • Customer support information
  • Remote support
  • General help items
  • All data
  • Technical articles

if you have already purchased one of these products from us and you cant access the information contact us and we will set up access for you,

Please read the below Ryans Automotive online customer support user guide first
Ryans Automotive Online Customer Support User Guide

Click here to go to our customer support library

Ryans Automotive customer support library: Click here to access the customer support library


Phone: 0035351424799

On occasion, it may be necessary and beneficial to directly take over your PC, so that we can fix certain software issues or resolve problems. If this is required, you will be asked to run TeamViewer software on your computer.
If instructed to do so, simply click the TeamViewer link below to run the TeamViewer Quick Support program. We will then be able to access your PC remotely.

Here you can find a download link for the Ryans Automotive team viewer quick support application
Click here to download Teamviewer

And here is a video that shows you how to download and run the Ryans Automotive team viewer quick support application

Conditions of use:
Must have good internet speeds for this to work correctly (at least 5Mbps download and 2Mbps upload)
This remote support must be arranged before hand,
Only diagnostic products purchased from Ryans Automotive.

Free Delivery In Ireland

If you are a customer located in Ireland, spend €150 ex.VAT or more and get free delivery, or for orders under €150 ex.VAT delivery costs €8.10 ex.VAT Read Our Delivery Information

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