GSU1 And ESU1 Oscilloscope Training

General Oscilloscope Use and effective scope use training 

Product Description

General Oscilloscope Use and effective scope use training

Date: TBC
Ryans Automotive
Trainer: Seamus Ryan
Cost: €300
Duration: 2 Day
Start time: 9.00
End time: 5.30
Payment terms: Payable at time of booking
No Show and Late Cancellation Fee policy that will result in a €50 fee if you cancel your booking with less than 2 weeks notice or €100 in the case of a no show

  • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Full printed course notes provided
  • Maximum of 6 people
  • We will provide 3 scopes for the training and 2 people will have one scope to use and will switch over at different stages during the 2 days to make sure everyone has hands on use of the scope
  • Suitable for users of any brand of oscilloscope

Contact us on 051 424799 to check for next date

The objectives of this course are that you will have gained the confidence to connect, test and verify components using an oscilloscope on the day. The first day will be spent in the classroom with the advantage of being able to connect a scope to a test board from the comfort of your desk. The second day will be spent in the workshop connecting to running vehicles  performing various tests.

Below is an outline of the course criteria,

  • What is a oscilloscope
  • Advantages of an Oscilloscope
  • Types of scopes
  • Basic operation
  • Connection methods
  • Scope terminology
  • Screen layout and controls
  • Oscilloscope settings (Sample rates, time base, voltage scales, triggers, custom probes, noise filters etc)
  • Signal types analogue and digital
  • Signal components,
  • Duty cycle and frequency
  • Sensor types and testing
  • Actuators types and testing
  • Practical test on different components and systems
  • How to analyse the signals
  • How to use the GMTO atis pro information system
  • How to use the multi channel scope software
  • And much more

During the 2 days we will be explaining the operating principles and preforming various test with the scope for the following components and systems

  • Crank and cam sensors
  • Temperature sensors to include coolant, air temperature and exhaust temperature sensors
  • Position sensors to include pedal position, throttle position and EGR position sensors ect
  • Pressure sensors to include MAP, boost pressure and DPF pressure sensors
  • Mass air flow meters
  • And other engine management componets
  • Ignition systems
  • Common rail to include injectors, pressure sensors and pressure control valves
  • CAN bus and a brief overview of LIN bus, Flex-ray and Most bus
  • ABS sensors active and passive sensors

And we will also be showing how to perform the below tests with a scope

  • Relative compression test
  • Checking valve timing with a scope
  • Testing starting and charging systems
  • Measuring exhaust, intake and crankcase pressure pulsations with the APS260 pressure transducer
  • And a introduction to in cylinder pressure measurements with a scope and a pressure tranducer


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