Common Rail High Pressure Tester 2000 Bar

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Common Rail High Pressure Tester

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Product Description

Analogue high pressure tester with various connection lines for checking the high pressure pump / high pressure system when cranking or running.

Gauge scale Reads from 0-2000 bar.

The tester has a built in pressure release valve that limits the max pressure to approx 1500 bar to prevent damage to the gauge or the vehicle.

The tester is provided with two sets of ultra flexible hoses allowing you to connect up to difficult positions.

• 0-2000 bar gauge
• 2 sets of flexible hose
• M12 fittings x 2
• M14 fittings x 2
• Over pressure dump bottle and hose
• Carry case

Click here to see  Optional fitting for Bosch CP4 pumps

Click here to see  Optional hoses for common rail high pressure tester

As most modern common rail vehicles produce a pressure in excess of 1300 bar this is an essential tool for the correct diagnosis of common rail vehicles.

The gauge can be connected in series between the high pressure pump and the fuel rail or between the fuel rail and injectors.

Additionally the gauge can be connected directly to the high pressure pump with the rest of the system disconnected. This tests specifically the pump and control valve on there own.

Used in conjunction with kit number JOCR1600FRN (Dummy Regulator kit) the ecu and control valve can also be disconnected from the system allowing a test on the high pressure pump alone.

Product Specifications

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 38 × 32 × 12 cm


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