Analog Tester set for Low Pressure Systems

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Analog tester set for low pressure system’s

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Product Description

Brand: LTR Germany
Used to check the low pressure system on diesel and common rail diesels

  • Reads 0 to 9 bar on positive scale for checking low pressure in tank and external pumps
  • Reads negative 0 to minus 1 bar for checking low pressure pumps mounted on engine or built into high pressure pump or injector pump
  • Clear sight glass allowing you to check for air being drawn into system
  • You can also know if there are blockages in the fuel lines or tank if the gauge reads too far negative


  • Gauge with clear sight glass
  • Male connections x 7 from 7.89mm to 11.8 mm with quick release connection
  • Female connections x 7 from 7.89mm to 11.8mm with quick release connection
  • Included in above are special fuel line connection for Mercedes
  • Carry case
  • Instructions

Optional extras:
Fuel line bleeder bubble with quick release connections, see part no FLP1

Product Specifications

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 34 × 10 cm


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