Diesel & Gasoline Fuel Systems, DPF & Intake Manifold Treatment Unit

1,960.00 ex. VAT

Diesel & Gasoline Fuel Systems, DPF & Intake Manifold Treatment Unit

Adaptors Not Included in price. See bottom of page for adaptor pricing.

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Product Description

Carbon Zapp ES.3

State of the Art Carbon Zapp multi system cleaner. Thanks to the clever design, this machine can clean all diesel and gasoline systems through the use of the machines additive tanks PLUS it can also be used for DPF and Intake Manifold Cleaning through the use of easily connected external bottles.

  • DPF cleaning by injecting cleaning additive directly into the DPF via special adaptors with the engine running
  • Cleaning intake manifold, ports in head, valves and combustion chamber etc with the intake cleaning option, works very well for preventative maintenance and removing small blockages, note wont clear heavily blocked intake manifolds and ports, in these cases the only option is to remove manifold and clean with other methods, but if this machine is used on vehicles that are know to have this type of problems at every 2nd service it will prevent the chances of these issues,
  • Clean standard diesel injector pumps and injectors by running special cleaning additives trough the system
  • Clean common rail diesel pumps, injectors and pressure control valves by running special cleaning additives trough the system
  • Run the engine independent of the vehicles own low pressure system to help with diagnosis
  • Programmable duty cycle software controls with specific instructions depending on the type of cleaning you are performing

Main Features:

  • De-Carbonization of the combustion chamber
  • De-Carbonizing of Intake Manifold and throttle body
  • De-carbonization of the catalytic converter & DPF
  • Maximum restoration of engine’s performance
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Common-Rail system cleaning
  • High Pressure pump conditioning
  • Optimum fuel combustion gain
  • Blocked valves and piston rings release
  • Improved idle-speed stability
  • Fading of engine knocking
  • Also allows you to run a petrol or diesel vehicle with its internal pump and tanks without the vehicles own low pressure supply,
    Very useful to diagnosis problems with the low pressure supply or run a engine on a separate fuel supply if you suspect a issue with the low pressure pump, lines or fuel tank problem
    Or if you suspect contamination in the vehicles fuel tank or lines and you want to run the engine on a know clean fuel supply
  • Prevention of long term expensive repairs

Adaptors and Additives available (not included in main machine pricing).

  • DPF.01. 3 Special Injectors for DPF Cleaning. Covers 12-14-16-18-26 mm    €590 + vat
  • DPF.01. 1 Special Injectors for DPF Cleaning. Covers 16-18-26 mm              €420 + vat
  • IMC.01 Intake Cleaning Adaptor                                                                       €350 + vat
  • AEAK.01 Fuel system Adaptor Kit                                                                    €220 + vat
  • DPFD-2L DPF Cleaning Fluid 2 litre (Normally enough for 2 cars)                  €45 + vat
  • DPFD.25L  DPF Cleaning Fluid 25 litre (Normally enough for 25 cars)           €485 + vat
  • IMCD-2L Intake Manifold Cleaning Fluid                                                          €45 + vat
  • IMCD-25L Intake Manifold Cleaning Fluid                                                        €485 + vat
  • CE285 Diesel and petrol cleaning treatment 24 x 285ml bottles                      €165 + vat

Click on the documents section for more information and to view adaptors.

Product Specifications

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 100 × 35 × 40 cm


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