APS260 Pressure Sensor

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APS260 pressure sensor for use with GMTO/TiePie oscilloscope

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Product Description

APS260 pressure sensor for use with GMTO/TiePie oscilloscope

The APS260 combined with the GMTO/TiePie scope allows you to make the following measurements

  • Inlet pressure measurement (absolute) = view inlet manifold vacuum
  • Inlet pressure pulse measurement (relative) = view inlet manifold pulsations
  • Turbo pressure measurement (or any other positive air pressure measurement up to 2.6 bar)  = view boost pressure
  • Under pressure measurement = view vacuum control to turbo, EGR, swirl flaps and various other vacuum controlled systems
  • Exhaust pressure pulse measurement = view exhaust pulsations
  • Crankcase pressure pulse measurement = view crankcase/blow by pulsations

Defects in the inlet or exhaust mechanisms of the engine can be tracked down by precise measurements in the inlet pressure (vacuum).
The functionality of the turbo, turbo control valves and ECU can also be checked to locate problems

Functionality of the measurement system by using a sensitive pressure sensor even the smallest variations, in inlet or exhaust , pressure are made visible through the labscope. This happens in combination with measurements to the revolutions of the engine and crankcase marking, therefore a correct diagnosis can be made to the engine valves, camshaft and cylinders.
With turbo engines the turbo control system and boost pressure can be measured.
Additional with low rev’s the pressure pulsations in the exhaust can be checked as well, misfires are well detectable by this method


  • Pressure system APS260
  • 9 volt battery
  • Storage case
  • 4mm pipe 36cm long
  • 5mm T piece
  • 5mm to 4mm joiner

Technical specifications:

  • Input Accuracy: 5%
  • Operating voltage: 9Volt battery
  • Operating field: 0 to 2,6 Bar

Product Specifications

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 25 × 10 cm


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