Recycle Guard leak stop protection R1234yf

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Recycle Guard leak stop protection R1234yf

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Product Description

Too good to be true. Inject an additive into the a/c loop, run system and and fix all leaks!

Unfortunately, this has materialized in the industry in the past decade. A multitude of chemical manufacturers have come up with additives that will seal a leak without effort. Thus add additive, run the system and done. As opposed to an 8 hour R&R job.

However, this is not without danger.
To clarify, we need to make a distinction between the different leakstop additives.

We can distinguish two different categories:
1. that only work on leaking o-rings or other “rubber” seals. These leak stop additives are relatively harmless. They allow the older o-rings to swell somewhat and soften up a bit, which improves the sealing performance (temporarily).

2. that also seal leaks in metal parts. These leak stop additives may, if used incorrectly or carelessly, cause damage.

Leakstop additives usually work on the basis of activation by air and or moisture. Hence, when it comes in contact with air or moisture – it will ” solidify” – and block the leak. In the manifold of any a/c service equipment there is plenty of moisture and air. Thus the sealant will lodge in the manifold and block it. Repairs sometime be so extensive that the machine is rendered a ” total loss”.

To protect your a/c service equipment, we recommend using the ” Recycle Guard” pre-filter. This filter was specifically designed to filter out any leak stop checmicals – thus leaving the refrigerant entering you’re a/c service equipment harmless. Saves headaches and money.

Product Specifications

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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 45 cm


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