Hot Start Module

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Hot Start Module

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Product Description

Hot Start Module

Its an additional module to help hot start problems on VAG and BMW diesel engines, it can also be used on many other makes of diesel engines. Many VAG and BMW engines have this problem due to three possible causes :
1. Loss in compression when hot
2. ECU faults
3. Fuel system problems eg. pump injectors

Basically what this unit does is, it tricks the ECU into thinking that the engine is colder than what it really is when cranking. Therefore this increases the fueling for hot starting and also turns on glow plugs. As soon as the engine starts it switches back to normal fueling for the relevant engine temperature . This unit is very simple to fit, just 4 wires, black to ground, red to the small starter motor wire, the two white wires are connected in series with the coolant temp signal wire. Also this unit has a trimming screw inside which can be adjusted to vary the cranking coolant temp reading.

Product Specifications

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 cm


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