Autoland iSCAN 3 new updates

Autoland Vedis ii and iScan ii wt new updates

Autoland iSCAN 3 new updates

It is very important to update your diagnostic tool every time a update comes out as they are not just adding new models but also constantly improving existing models

iSCAN3 TOYOTA 2018.02

  1. All models, EPB system, improve activation
    2. All models, all systems, improve customization
    3. All models, all systems, improve the performance of the function of \”whole system search\”
    4. Lexus GS350 2008, EMPS system, improve the function of Torque sensor adjustment
    5. All models, ENGINE system, improve fault code table
    6. Toyota COROLLA 2015 diesel, engine system, improve all functions of read fault, clear fault, data stream, activation and adaptation
    7. All models, AHC system, improve activation
    8. All models, ABS/VSC system, supplement the functions of replace ABS ECU, Yaw rate sensor, or G sensor


iSCAN3 FERRARI 2018.02

  1. Improve shorttest function
    2. Improve data N/A problem
    3. EPB system, increase Adaptation function

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