AutoEDU | Electronic parking brake

AutoEDU presents a new product for electromechanical parking brake:

This type of training or demonstration model is a great teaching aid which allows students to become familiar with the car’s hydraulic brakes and electromechanical parking brake mechanism, the structure, modes of operation and maintenance methods, technical information, spec. tools and their use.

Technical specifications

  • Clearly visible fully functional multi-stage gear mechanism of electromechanical brake, electrical motor with the belt drive and swash plate gear
  • Hydraulic braking system with the rear disc with caliper and brake pads
  • Activation of electrical driven electromechanical brake by pushing two electrical buttons to press and release brake pads and the brake disc
  • The cutaway of the multi-stage gear mechanism of electromechanical brake made for an easier explanation and demonstrate the principle of operations

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