FST Diesel & Gasoline Fuel System Tester

FST Diesel & Gasoline Fuel System Tester

FST Diesel & gasoline fuel system tester

Made by Carbon Zapp

4 in one tester allows you to perform the following checks:

  • Check low pressure system fuel pressure petrol and diesel up to 10 bar
  • Measure fuel flow
  • Check exhaust back pressure
  • Measure manifold vacuum and vacuum supply to vacuum controlled components


  • Incorrect fuel pressure
  • Incorrect system fuel flow Plugged fuel filter
  • Faulty fuel pump
  • Plugged fuel pump inlet strainer, Faulty fuel pump check valve, Leaky fuel injectors
  • Incorrect operation of the fuel pressure regulator Fuel foaming and/or contamination
  • Restrictions in supply/ return fuel lines
  • Intake manifold vacuum fluctuation
  • Brake vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum supply to turbos and EGR valves etc
  • Exhaust back-pressure for testing DPF & Catalytic Converter


  • Compact, Portable and Robust tool for use in the workshop
  • Easy readable analog gauges, Fuel Pressure, Manifold Vacuum, Exhaust Back-Pressure
  • Durable and clear analog flow tube Spill-free quick connectors
  • Easy hook for mounting on engine hood


  • Hose clamping pliers x 2
  • M14 female connecting pipe x 1
  • M16 female connecting pipe x 1
  • 6mm push on connecting pipe x 1
  • 7.5mm push on connecting pipe x 2
  • 9.5mm push on connecting pipe x 2
  • 2 sizes of schrader fittings
  • 10mm banjo fitting x 1
  • 12mm banjo fitting x 1
  • 6 mm push on to m14 male fitting x 1
  • 7.5mm push on to m16 male fitting x 1
  • Various pipe connectors x 5
  • Special coned adaptor for banjo fittings x 1
  • Exhaust back pressure adaptor x 1
  • 6mm y piece hose connector x1
  • 6mm hose x 1
  • Instruction manual

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