Just Launched. New TiePie/GMTO HS6DIFF Scope

Save Time and Money with by far the Highest Spec Oscilloscope on the market.

TiePie Engineering together with GMTO diagnostic software are proud to have just launched the new model HS6DIFF Oscilloscope
This latest model is far ahead of any competitors in terms of Spec and software.


  • Up to 1 GS/S Sample Rate
  • 250MHZ Bandwidth
  • Up to 250MSamples PER CHANNEL
  • Differential Scope.
  • SureConnect. This function has been present on TiePie scopes for many years.
  • SafeGround. The only Automotive Scope to have this safety function.
  • 1 year standard Warranty with the option of extending to 5 years for just €65
  • Huge range of extras available for testing pressures,spark, etc.


  • ATIS Lite software with over 1000 generic sample waveforms and guided tests.
  • Optional ATIS Pro Software with over 4000 brand specific tests built into your scope along with vehicle wiring diagrams, component locations,etc.
  • Setup and 3 hours training included.
  • Access to our support library included which has generic scope help and some good sample waveforms included.
  • 1 and 2 day training courses available.

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