KlimaKlamp AC Hose Repair now in stock

KlimaKlamp® A/C Hose Repair Kit

Made in Italy

Do you want to be able to repair the A/C hoses without delay and without waiting for days or weeks for a hoses to arrive from the vehicle manufacturer?
You can do it without original spare parts!, In short time and low costs!!
And in many cases replacing a full AC hose can be a very awkward job, and in a lot of cases (access allowing) you can repair the hoses in place saving a lot of labour time

The patented and universal system KLIMAKLAMP® will allow you to do the repair in a short time and on most vehicles to a high quality. 

  • Did you have a broken AC hose?
  • Do you want to save money?
  • Original Spare Part not available?
  • Fast with no time wasted?
  • Try out the exclusive repair kit KLIMAKLAMP®
  • You can repair your broken A/C hose in less than 10 minutes

Both the below kits are in stock and spares will be in stock soon.

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