LOADpro Dynamic Test Leads & Troubleshooting Book Now In Stock


LOADpro Dynamic Test Leads & Troubleshooting Book

LOADpro Test Leads load the circuit to see if current can flow.

LOADpro finds these problems FAST:

  • High Corrosive Resistance
  • Shorts to Ground
  • Open Circuits


By loading the circuit, LOADpro makes a voltage drop test “on the fly”.  Just press the switch – the test results can not lie.
Use LOADpro w/your DMM and follow our test method, you will find wiring faults quicker.
LOADpro Test Leads feature Steady Pin Probe Tips, which allows the probe to sit firmly on a male ECM or connector pin.
LOADpro test leads are OEM approved – finds corroded circuits!
The fundamentals trouble shooting book is 200 pages of basic electricity explained in a way that make it useful in the shop.
Everything is covered, from batteries, to relays, to schematics – its all in the book!The process is very simple just read voltage. It’s that easy, really. If a vehicle component is inoperable, just unplug the connector. Read voltage at the connector. Do you see 12 volts? If yes, press the LOADpro switch – if the voltage remains, the wiring is good – go on to something else. If the voltage drops – the circuit has high resistance… i.e.- corroded wiring or connections. If you see no voltage initially, you have an open or short to ground.LOADpro Test Leads also feature SteadyPin Probe Tips. Instead of a pointed probe, SteadyPin tips have a small recess at the tip that allows the probe to sit firmly on a male ECM or connector pin. Traditional pointed probes fail to give an effective connection and creates difficulties in completing manufacturer specific voltmeter tests.

We recommend replacing your existing test leads with LOADpro and leave them in place.


motorawardWinner of the top 20 tools award 2011

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