LTR Brake Fluid Service Unit With Cart Now In Stock


LTR brake fluid service unit

Brand: LTR made in Germany

Brake service unit for maintenance, draining and bleeding brake systems and hydraulic clutches. One advantage of service units is the automatic shut-off function when the brake fluid container is empty.


  • for DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4 Plus and DOT 5.1 brake fluid
  • leak test of brake and clutch system
  • sleeplessly adjustable operating pressure from 0 to 4 bar / 0 to 58 psi
  • 230 volt power supply
  • Position on the rear of the unit for holding 5 litre brake fluid container
  • Pump automatically cuts in and out to hold set pressure
  • All contained on a mobile cart easy to move around workshop
  • 3.5 metere long hose allowing vehicle to be fully raised on a lift
  • Allows for quick brake bleeding and brake fluid changes
  • Cart with integrated extraction pump and container for sucking out brake fluid from the reservoir


  • Main brake service unit
  • Cart
  • B611 adapter suitable for large range of models (other adapters available on request)
  • Catch bottle with scale (1 liter), hose and hook

The above unit can also be purchased without the lower cart and can be supplied in 12 volt models as well
Prices from €535 + vat
Please contact us for more info

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