Sice wheel aligners

Sice wheel aligners now available in Ireland from Ryan’s Automotive
We can supply both 3D and CCD aligners and can perform all service and calibrations on these aligners
Also coming soon from Sice ADAS calibration system

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About Sice:
Sice is a brand founded in 1964 and based in Correggio, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Sice manufactures tyre changers and wheel balancers for cars and trucks, along with wheel alignment systems and vehicle lifts, and its wide range of products meets the tyre servicing and workshop needs.
The patents for machines and accessories are numerous and guarantee the quality and uniqueness of Sice solutions.
Some Sice products have been approved and certified by prestigious car and tyre producers and certified bodys.
Over 85% of Sice sales are accounted for by exports to around 90 countries worldwide

Sice is a Nexion group company with more than 60 years of history, today the Nexion Group is a world leader in the automotive sector. Experience and continuous research into innovation now coexist in a single group, which brings together the sector’s top brands in a solid and increasingly international company.

Nexion group

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