Tecnomotor TIS Web Online Technical Information System

TIS Web Full

Tecnomotor TIS web  online technical information system

Tecnomotor TIS web  is an intuitive, easy-to-use technical information system that has been honed over years of development to become the leading source of accurate information. TIS web full covers essential data required to carry out general servicing and vehicle repairs as well as being a huge reference library for valuable data. With electrical systems and advanced technologies becoming an ever more significant feature in modern cars, it has become essential to have quality technical information, diagrams and test information.

Tecnomotor TIS web online technical information system can be used from your PC/lap top or direct from you Tecnomotor diagnostic tool,
Works on the following Tecnomotor diagnostic tools Socio x3, Socio 400, Socio x5, Socio x6.

The big advantage when using on any of the above Tecnomotor diagnostic tools is that when you select the vehicle in the diagnostic tool and start your diagnostic and then you want to look up some technical information you just click on the TIS web icon and it automatically opens up the relevant data in TIS web for that car so you dont have to select the vehicles details again and you can switch between the TIS web and diagnostics with just one click

And if you dont have a Tecnomotor diagnostic tool or you want to use the system separately you can use on your standard PC or lap top

One subscription allows you to use the system for 1 year on a Tecnomotor device or any lap top or PC
But you can only be logged in on one device at a time

Click here for more info or ask about a one month free trial

TIS Web wiring diagrams

TIS Web guided tests

TIS Web manuals

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