The ATIS Pro Scope Software Version 6.0 Is Now Available

ATIS Pro 6.3

The ATIS Pro Scope Software Version 6.0 Is Now Available

Update Version 6.0, comes with a lot of new data and general improvements

  • more new vehicles measurements and pre-sets, samples ect added
  • more engine management wiring diagrams
  • more generic systems pre-sets, samples and technical information added to include
    SENT protocal
    Some Hybrid vehicle components
    More Air Conditioning components
    Electric parking brake
    New petrol and diesel components
    And much more
  • General improvements of the software layout
  • The multi channel scope software has also be revised with many new improvements to include
    Data logging
    External trigger improved
    Crankshaft I/O added
    Several other minor changes and corrections
  • From version 6.0 onward (once within subscription) the software automatically downloadeds when there is a connection with the internet and ATIS is started.
  • NOTE If you still work with an older version than 5.13, 5.13 will have to be downloaded and installed first and then version 6.0 will be downloaded.

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