The ATIS Pro Scope Software Version 6.3 Is Now Available

ATIS Pro 6.3

The ATIS Pro Scope Software Version 6.3 Is Now Available

Update Version 6.3, comes with a lot of new data and general improvements

Signal logging (streaming) renewed and improved!: 
Logging the signal with the scope is generally renewed !! We listened to the input from our users. Signal log measurements have been added for the current ATS 5 scope, but also for the new ATS 6 scope, with very high measurement settings. The measurements are now divided into 3 categories.
1. Stop automatically.
2. Continuous and overwriting.
3. Infinite measurement and save everything.
At option 3 it is important to know that all measured signals are continuously stored on the hard disk. Because the accuracy is very high, these can become large files.

Scope software:
Quick tool added in MultiChannel for applying a dynamic protractor for measuring crankshaft degrees.
More information about the protractor can be found behind the button with the question mark (page 38). Many functions have been improved, making them easier to set up. Think of I / Os and channel settings such as simply setting the channel voltage by dragging the axis.

Menu group Electric vehicles:
This menu group has been added to general scope and contains specific measurements related to electric vehicles and the specific components on hybrid vehicles. Think of the HV switch on relay, or the generative control of charging the 12v battery.


  • Fixed several bugs in the search field

Scope generic components:

  • Specific Denso i-Art system added
  • M09 Denso i-Art injector
  • 570 PCV control valve
  • 571 PRV control valve

Finally, new engine management systems (MMS) have also been added. The overview below shows which brands of system additions have been made.

  • Alfa Romeo: 1 model engine management system added
  • BMW: 4 measurable models added
  • Chevrolet: 3 measurable models added
  • Chrysler: 1 measurable model added
  • Citroen: 7 model engine management system added 11 measurable models added
  • Dodge: 7 measurable models added
  • Fiat: 12 model engine management system added 2 measurable models added
  • Ford: 5 measurable models added
  • Hyundai: 1 model engine management system added 77 measurable models added
  • Iveco: 2 measurable models added
  • Jeep: 8 measurable models added
  • Kia: 188 measurable model added
  • Lancia: 3 measurable models added
  • Mazda: 203 measurable models added
  • Mercedes: 2 measurable models added
  • Mitsubishi: 4 measurable models added
  • Nissan: 3 measurable models added
  • Opel: 2 measurable models added
  • Peugeot: 7 models engine management system added 6 measurable models added
  • Renault: 16 engine management system models added 7 measurable models added
  • Smart: 11 models engine management system added
  • Toyota: 1 model engine management system added
  • Volvo: 1 measurable model added
  • VW: 3 measurable models added

And many other general improvements

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